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On 1 April 2018, the Department of Police, Roads and Transport was once again honoured with the appointment of a new accounting officer. A leader hailing from FezileDabi in the Free State. A seasoned manager who went through the ranks in both provincial and municipal government. His credentials undeniably qualify him to become a head of department.

“It is a great pleasure for me to announce that Mr. Sipho Samuel Mtakati is the new head of department for Police, Roads and Transport. A young man with vigour and energy enough to take this department to greater heights. I urge all employees to receive him and work with him in order for him to actualise his dream for this department”, says MECMashinini.

Mr. Mtakati has vast experience in the public sectors and has served various municipalities, e.g.the Masilonyana- and Metsimaholo Local Municipalities. He worked as a civil servant at the Department of Correctional Services as well as the Department of Education. He also tried his hand in the mining sector at the Lonmin mine.

The new head believes that work ethics, service delivery, respect and discipline are the core nuclei that holds the centre of an organisation together and that centre must always be strengthened and guarded against any effort to jeopardise its stability.

“I am not married to “paralogism”; sense and logicare my companions and I frown upon any attempt to monopolise knowledge. I will not embracemediocrity for it will not take this departmentanywhere,” he says. Mr. Mtakati’s dream is to contribute towards a centred and conducive Human Resources climate, take the road infrastructure to another level, ensure that corruption is rooted out in our revenue administration and traffic management and bring about an enhanced revenue strategy for the fleet entity. Lastly, he is determined to ensure there is compliance in all respects and that the department gravitates towards a clean audit.

“I am looking forward to working with all of you and I expect all employees to be performance driven and upholding high standards of work ethics. Be responsible civil servants who prioritise service delivery,” Mr. Mtakati reiterated.

The new HoD has already started making the rounds to meet with the employees of the department in all districts outlining his expectations and affording employees to raise issues they deem necessary to be addressed. One of Mr. Mtakati’s key management principles is to encourage constructive criticism.

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