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Provincial roads and traffic are listed in Schedule 5 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 as part of the areas of exclusive provincial legislative competence. The Free State Department of Police, Roads and Transport is therefore responsible to promote accessibility and the safe, affordable movement of people, goods and services through the delivery and maintenance of transport infrastructure that is sustainable, integrated and environmentally sensitive, and which supports and facilitates social empowerment and economic growth. In meeting its responsibilities with regard to provincial roads, the Department has specific focus areas.

Road Maintenance

Road maintenance activities are mainly done on primary and secondary roads. Main activities on primary roads involve the repair of potholes and patchwork whilst the main activities on secondary roads relate to the number of kilometres bladed. Other activities performed under routine maintenance includes erecting road signs and repair, pipes, culverts cleaning and installation, erecting of fences, gabions, guardrails repairs, cleaning and removal of vegetation and cleaning of drainage and various others.

Preservation of the network

The Department focuses on the preservation of the road network to ensure that special activities are performed in order to protect existing pavements from further deterioration. Key reasons for this activity were to ensure;

  • Access to communities
  • Revitalization of township roads
  • Management systems which include bridge maintenance system, accident data management system, traffic counting management system, pavement data management system, geographic information system and overloading control management system.